Duration: 1 Year
NQF Level: 4
SAQA ID: 65029

This qualification aims to provide a student with core knowledge, skills and competence in areas such as performance, composition, theory, analysis and the music industry. The qualification will enable the development of competencies in music and other performing arts sub – fields. The cumulative knowledge, skills and attitudes obtained from this qualification will enable the learner to gain access to more advanced training and practice in the Music Industry.
  • Duration

    The programme duration is 1 year full – time.
    The programme is offered during the week.
    Tuition is face to face

  • Duration

    -Academic records for passed Grade 11 or NQF Level 3 qualification or Grade 12 Certificate
    – Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
    – Communication
    – Must be able to play a minimum of one (1) music instrument, excluding voice
    – Audition

  • Certification

    On successful completion of the programme, the student will receive
    a Further Education and Training Certificate in Music.

  • Career Fields

    – Music Performer
    – Backing Musician
    – Session Musician
    – Agent
    – Songwriter
    – Elementary Artist Manager
    – Small Event Music Promoter
    – Basic Music Technician
    – Retail Music Sales Person
    – Instrumentalist
    – Music Administrator