Duration: 1 Year
NQF Level: 4
SAQA ID: 79986

The Further Education and Training Certificate Dance Instruction will provide a student with a formal qualification, as well as the technical and creative skills, knowledge and applied competencies for those who wish to enter into, or are already in the occupation of dance instruction as educators, in particular as teachers of dance. The Qualification will provide a solid foundation in all aspects of dance instruction, thereby increasing knowledge and expertise in dance and dance education and transforming the way teachers and facilitators understand and teach dance. It also gives the aspirant dance teacher or facilitator the opportunity to become proficient in one or more chosen dance genres.
  • Duration

    The programme duration is 1 year full – time.
    The programme is offered during the week.
    Tuition is face to face


    – Academic records for passed Grade 11 or NQF Level 3 qualification or Grade 12 Certificate
    – Mathematical Literacy
    – Communication
    – Profiles with their headshots
    – 2 minute video clip of their solo piece to determine the participant’s abilities
    – Audition

  • Certification

    On successful completion of the programme, the student will receive a
    Further Education and Training Certificate in Dance Instruction

  • Career Fields

    – Dance Teacher
    – Dance Instructor
    – Dance Facilitato